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Determining the Value and Price of Coins


Is This Old Coin Worth Something?

The Answer Is......   Maybe!

When determining the value of a coin,

several factors must be taken into consideration.

Age is only one of five determining factors.

  • Condition

  • Scarcity

    • Mint Marks

    • Coin Variety's

    • Die Variety

    • Errors 

  • Market

    • Supply

    • Demand

  • Coins Precious Metal Content

    • Gold coins

    • Silver coins

The most important of these is it’s scarcity.   This is because scarcity, or in layman’s terms, how rare it is, can make it a true collector’s item.

However, determining how rare it is, can also have nuances.  For example, the Morgan Silver Dollar was produced at several different US Mints between xxx and xxx. Though there are not a tremendous number in circulation, the most valuable Morgan Silver Dollars are the ones that were minted in Carson City, NJ because that particular Mint, minted the fewest. The scarcity of this particular kind, makes it the most collectible, with values that reflect its uniqueness.


Scott Heiligman
Owner, Park Shore Coin, Gold, and Collectibles

Naples, Florida

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